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Camera Inspections of Plumbing Lines and its Advantages

What is a sewer line inspection camera? It is a specially built waterproof video camera snakes; they are routed through pipes to clear a viewable inspection of sewer lines and other difficult to reach pipes. Video pipe inspections take the guessing game out of issues lurking inside pipes. Did you know? The Environmental Protection Agency estimate that 12-percent of homes in our country have water leaks that waste 90-gallons or more each day. That adds up to roughly 45 cents a day you are paying out of pocket. 
Most sewer problems are invisible, and you may need to be self-aware to know you have a plumbing issue. Are you smelling a nasty sewer gas odor? Or, are your feet underwater when taking a shower? Or worse, your toilet water hits the floor when you flush?  The smell of sewage can direct you to the right drain line but not the underlying problem. You, the homeowner, need to know what a sewer camera inspection can find during an inspection. 
Drainage or Stoppage Issues- The camera wi…

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